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The CorpoBonito Blog!



“CorpoBonito” is a Brazilian sports and swimwear company created to make your body look gorgeous and also make you feel more beautiful and confident while wearing it.

This idea dates back from my childhood days in Brazil. As a young girl, I spent countless hours drawing pictures of women in their bikinis and shorts while enjoying the exotic beaches of Rio de Janeiro. I dreamt that one day I could have my own designs. My passion grew throughout the years, inspiring me to create “CorpoBonito.”

In an industry where there is an ample variety to choose from, we believe that as long as you offer a well-designed product of the highest quality, people will want to wear it. We also wish to fill a relatively large gap of truly Brazilian-style designs in the American market of sport and swimwear.

Whether you are at the beach or working out, “CorpoBonito” wants to help you enhance your appearance and comfort so you can have the pleasure of showing a beautiful body, or as they say in Brazil, a “corpo bonito”.

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